Guard Monitoring Components

The components that make up an effective guard or staff monitoring system.

Guard provides the security industry with guard monitoring system components to ensure high-quality, cost-effective guard and supervisor monitoring.

All of our components can be bought separately.

Guard monitoring system components: details and pricing

We provide a range of components for all areas of guard monitoring that can be used to adapt, scale-up, or modify your system.

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Guard Monitoring Components

Fob Tag

Supplied in packs of 2 for use with all Magtouch monitoring systems. To secure fixed points that are used by staff or supervisors and can be fixed to a key ring.

Branded Pouch

This protective branded pouch can be used with all standard Guard batons.

Doc Pro Uploader

• USBv1 compatible
• Uses standard printer USB cable
• Self-standing for baton

Fixed Points With Holders

• Pack of 10
• 2.8V – 6 V operation voltage
• 1-Wire communication protocol
• 64-bit laser-engraved registration number identifier
• Stainless steel
• Wireless
• Doesn’t require batteries

Mag Express Unit

• Make offline online
• Wall or car-mounted
• 5 V power supply
• Life 2.5 day backup battery life

Mini Rock

• Waterproof and steam proof
• 2 – 4 years battery life
• Easy installation and use
• Unlimited sites, points and users
• Intrinsic safe certified
• Extremely robust
• 3 V touch port
• Fits in a key safe

SIM Management

All of Guard’s online units come with 12 months of free SIM Management within South Africa. International SIM cards also available.

Suga Blu Baton With Charger

• Built-in 0.5 A current limiter
• Charging indicator light
• Built in self standing baton holder for charging
• 8 hours full charge from flat
• Works down to 4.8 V

The Baton

A patrol baton for clocking and recording of patrol data.