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Guard specialises in personnel monitoring equipment for security guards and supervisors.


Applications for personnel monitoring systems

Monitor Asset Movement

Moveable assets can be a pain to monitor. Be it trucks, heavy machinery or small items like first aid kits and fire extinguisher's. We have various systems that can be used, to make this simple and easy.

Time and Attendance

We have several solutions for remote or temporary time and attendance requirements.

Make Sure Areas are Monitored for Cleanliness

How is your cleanliness schedule monitored, do ticked/signed lists prove anything? Are you sure the entrance sanitiser is still there? Use our equipment for peace of mind.

Regular Inspections

With our system you can monitor that regular checks are conducted on areas and equipment that need frequent inspections.

Hospitality and Nursing Staff

Do you have units that need to be visited regularly to ensure high value guests are getting the service they pay for? What about your Nanna, is she getting the care she deserves at her retirement village?

Farming with Fruit Pickers and Run Cleaners

A simple and easy way to monitor how many loads each picker brings in, what was cleaned & when, plus check who went where on the farm.

Guard Tour

If your guards are required to make regular patrols around an area, we have various systems to help monitor compliance.

Custom Alerts and Buttons

ibuttons allows for customised alerts in real-time for events that need to be recorded quickly and easily.


All regular inspections that have been done throughout the day can be downloaded, depending on how you would like to receive reports. Our flagship products offer the following:

• Tagtough reporting can be downloaded from your monitoring equipment onto your PC. This gives you the control on when to download your reports based on your schedule and requirements.
• Suga Blu reporting uses a wireless connectivity and offers real-time live reporting where all information is sent to you via Telegram (this is at no cost to you) and all reports are sent automatically to your PC.

Monitoring Products

Magtouch Electronics Monitoring Products


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